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How do I request a copy of a Parole Board decision?

You do not have to be registered as a victim with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) or the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) to request a copy of a PBC decision; PBC decisions are available to any member of the public. However, the PBC may withhold certain information in the decision that could reveal confidential sources of information, put a person's safety at risk, or hinder an offender's return to society as a law-abiding citizen.

Registered victims can request a copy of a PBC decision for the offender who harmed them in the Request Parole Board of Canada Decisions section of their Victims Portal account. Victims may choose to view this information online or to have a copy of the decision sent to them by mail or by facsimile.

Anyone may request a copy of a PBC decision by completing the Request for Decision Registry form and mailing it to their nearest Parole Board regional office.

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