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What is a Correctional Plan Progress Report and when will victims receive them?

On June 1, 2016, the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA) was changed to allow CSC to give registered victims information about offenders’ Correctional Plans and their progress toward meeting the objectives of the plans.  This type of information is now listed with the other types of information that you can receive under section 26 of the CCRA.     

A Correctional Plan Progress Report (CPPR) contains the most current information about the offender.  A CPPR is sent to the victim harmed by the offender when specific events occur in the offender’s sentence, if there is new information to report.  Victims must ask to receive CPPRs by contacting their Victim Services Officer to make the request, even if they have indicated this as a type of information they are interested to receive via the Victims Portal. Victim Services Officers can explain to victims how and when CSC can make these reports available and can discuss how often victims would like to receive these reports. For example, there may be times when victims wish to receive an updated CPPR, when particular decisions in the offender’s case are being considered or before a scheduled parole hearing. 

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